Car Buying Package

$1,450.00 one time


A lot of clients have requested this information. They email us day and night and all ask the same thing. How can I buy a car using my new CPN number? I have heard this that etc? And most do not know where to start. If you follow along closely you should be an expert in purchasing vehicles with your CPN number the right and legal way. First you will need to understand a few things. CPN numbers are designed to be used for credit reporting purposes exclusively. So you cannot register your new vehicle using a CPN number. You will need to use your Social Security Number. You may be asking so where does my CPN number fit into all of this? Simple you will be using your CPN for your Auto Loan and your SSN to register and insure your car.

I know a lot of you are trying to get into the trucking industry, buying big semis and everything. You can. There are trucking leasing companies that will allow you to get a 18 wheeler rig under the CPN, those loans are considered commercial loans, so they are underwritten a different way.

What do you get in the Car Buying Package?

▹ 1 CPN/SCN numberr
▹ E-Book w/complete instructions for Building a CPN identity & public record
▹ Safe scanned and checked through the social security validator
▹ Tri-merged
▹ 1 Small Authorized User Tradeline
▹ 1 Large Authorized User Tradeline
▹ Good For Renting High End Apt/Homes, Credit Cards and Auto