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Become An Authorized User Reseller

We pay you to share your credit! This is your reward for the years of hard work you put into making your credit GREAT! What we do is match people with good credit up with people who are trying to improve their credit. We pay card holders—just like you—a fee for adding our clients as Authorized Users to your credit card(s). The Authorized User never has any access to spend money on your account. They don’t know who you are – and they are paying strictly for the benefit of seeing your credit card’s payment history appear on their credit report. This is because, when you add someone to your card as an Authorized User, the credit card company essentially copies and pastes the history of your credit card into their credit report, and it looks like your card has been in their credit report since you first opened the account. The effect is an immediate boost to the Authorized User’s credit score. You can earn anywhere from $40 to $270 per authorized user added to your credit card depending upon the age and credit limit of the card so you end up earning anywhere from $500 – $5,000+ monthly depending upon how many authorized users you add. It’s risk free to you because the client will not have access to your account, and will not know any information about you. We are simply paying you for sharing your good payment history with others who need help rebuilding their credit. By adding an Authorized User, your good payment history and credit limit will appear on your Authorized User’s credit report as well, giving them a jump in their credit score shortly after the billing cycle closes for your card. It’s a concept called piggybacking that many people do to help their family and friends. This is a very quick, simple and easy way to make great money without doing much work!

Additional Earning Potential: We currently have a program in place where our cardholders can earn a $300 referral fee for sending us potential cardholders. If they join, then the $300 bonus is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cardholder make money with CPN Programs?
We are a financial matchmaking company and our focus is helping people repair their credit while rewarding others who already have good credit. We act as a liaison between people with good credit and clients who need help boosting their credit, to come to profitable and powerful solution for both parties. One thing we do is add a client who is looking to boost their credit as an authorized user (AU) on credit cards with good payment history. Doing this allows the payment history of the credit card appears on the authorized user’s credit file, essentially increasing their score. To thank you for participating and sharing your credit, we make monthly payments to depending on your level of involvement.

If you have a credit card that you have never made a late payment on, you can share your credit by adding our clients as authorized users.

How much money can I make on my cards?
The payout for authorized user spots varies depending upon the issuing bank, length of time the card has been opened, and the credit limit. We run each eligible card through our system to determine what the payout will be. Our clients are interested in credit cards that have AT LEAST 4 months of perfect payment history.

How is this risk free?
Even though the cardholder is adding a credit beneficiary as an authorized user, the credit beneficiary cannot use the cardholders credit for many reasons. The card is always mailed to the cardholder’s address on file, and the cardholder beneficiary will never know the credit card number, expiration date, CVC code as we will never ask you to submit that level of information. The cardholder beneficiary will NEVER know your name or anything about you. This is simply a business transaction to increase their credit score so they can get the extra points they need to achieve their financial goals like buying a home, refinancing their home or buying a car.

How often will I be paid?
Once monthly at the beginning of each month via direct deposit.

How is my privacy protected?
We protect our cardholders and keep all information confidential. We will never ask you to submit your credit card details, as we do not need it! We will never ask for security questions or details of your accounts. That stuff stays safe with you.

Is this legal?
Yes this process is absolutely legal and is also known as piggybacking. It has been around since banks invented credit cards and allowed the primary cardholder to add authorized users onto his/or her credit.

We stay in full compliance with the law. The amount paid to the cardholder is taxable and each cardholder will receive a 1099 statement at the end of the year with the calendar year’s payouts.

Why join the program?
It’s a super easy way and risk free way to earn extra income for minutes of your time each month. The old addage of if it sounds to good to be true, it must be, well this is not the case! You are the cardholder have already done all the hard work of maintaining your credit and making your payments on time. It is not the case for for many Americans. Your track record of perfect payments can earn you CASH, we have the clients will pay now. You are helping people improve their credit while earning great money at the same time, risk free, requiring very little of your time each month, we are talking MINUTES.

What does it cost to join the program? Nothing, it is FREE to join. You would need to go through a consultation so we can qualify you first. There will never be any fee’s involved. There are only opportunities to make MORE money with our ever growing referral programs.

How quickly can I get started? This month! We always have the clients ready for you. We just need to have the initial consultation with you then you can start earning within weeks.