Luxury Apartment Rental Package

$850.00 one time


Most of our clients use their CPN to obtain an apartment and then work on their personal credit to purchase a home in the near future.  ​The use of a CPN is perfectly legal when used with good intentions.

​The CPN is the core ingredient to getting you approved for the apartment.  Our fast track process gets you out of the situation that you are in and into your new home in less than a two weeks in most cases.  Every client that signs up with our program gets world class customer service and most are not even aware that a program like ours exists.  Each and every client gives a testimony on how their life changed after signing up.
Getting approved for a rental is the easiest thing you can do with a CPN especially by not having a score. You may have to pay a full months rent deposit, half or none at all because the blank file will not have credit history but better to have no history than to have evictions and you get APPROVED!

What do you get in the Luxury Apartment Rental Package?

▹ 1 CPN/SCN number
▹ E-Book w/complete instructions for Building a CPN identity & public record
▹ Safe scanned and checked through the social security validator
▹ Tri-merged
▹ 1 Medium-Large Authorized User Tradelines
▹ Good For Renting Luxury Apt/Homes