DIY Credit Building Package

$199.00 one time


Damaged credit history and poor credit scores can throw a big wrench into your financial life.

You’ll have more difficulty obtaining loans and credit cards than people with good credit. If you do get a loan or credit card, you’ll usually pay a higher interest rate than people who have higher credit scores. You also won’t be eligible for credit cards with the best rewards and benefits.

Your Credit Privacy Number is a nine-digit number used to report information to the credit bureaus. These numbers evolved as alternatives to using a Social Security number. Today, any U.S. citizen can receive a CPN instead for use with their credit profile. Once you have a CPN, you can use this number to check your credit history. If you do not see your payment history listed under this number, you can ask your creditors to begin filing the information accurately.


What do you get in the DIY Credit Building Package?

▹ 1 CPN/SCN number
▹ E-Book w/complete instructions for Building a CPN identity & public record
▹ Safe scanned and checked through the social security validator
▹ Credit Monitoring Service
▹ Skip Traced